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Participants&Volunteers Wanted

  Successfully finished - Thank you!!!

    Why don't you join us at 
    Tsukuba St. Patrick's Day Parade 2009
    All you need is love of Ireland and something green to wear
     Enjoy walking with us and feel Spring's there
      Date: 28th March 2009  start at 15:00~
      Venu: Monument Plaza~Pedestrian road at Tsukuba centre
       (1chome Azuma, Tsukuba, next to TX Tsukuba terminal and Nova Hall)
     Necessaries: anything green (clothes, flags, accessories, etc)
      Free to participate  
      Message for application welcome

 Tsukuba St. Patrick's Day Parade started in 2008 as the 10th St. Patrick's Day Parade in Japan.
We hope more and more people in Tsukuba will know us and join us at the Parade as the years go by.

 This parade will be held as a part of "Tsukuba St. Patrick's Festival 2009" this time.
 Please check at: (Map available)

  ○Irish tunes we gonna play at the parade 
  If you've got any instruments, then let's play together!!
   St. Patrick's Day (jig)
   Cooley's - Cup of Tea - The Wise Maid (reels)
   Sally Gardens - Congress (reels)
   Highlanders (jig)
   Bally Hoara Mountains - Finnish Polka - Jessica's Polka (polkas)
   Danny Boy (air)
   Down by the Sally Gardens (air) 

 About 2008 Tsukuba parade, please visit the title< Tsukuba St. Patrick's Day Parade 2008> on the category bar at the left.

 About the historical meanings of St. Patrick's Day Parade, please visit the title< What's the St. Patrick's Day Parade?> on the same bar.

 When rains: 14:00~ alternative event (Irish music live) at Takezono Public Hall (3-19-2 Takezono, Tsukuba, free parking available)
  When the weather is doubtful, details to be announced on this site at the morning.

 Please understand that we take photos at the parade.

 Please note: We are completely non-profit. Also, we are all neutral about any politics and religion. Please cooperate us in keeping peace and order at the parade.

lease ask for details by message.

 Committee of 
Tsukuba St. Patrick’s Parade

 Participants all welcome for our next parade, but if you could join us as a volunteer staff member, then you're still more welcome! That is...

 Volunteer Staff Members Wanted for
 Tsukuba St. Patrick's Day Parade 2009!!

 There's no time to waste anymore...
 We suffered from shortage of staff members in 2008 parade, especially on the parade day.
 We'd like to prepare for this time steadily and systematically with some dedicated staff members.
 We will start the Committee several months prior to the parade and have meetings regularly. 

 Tasks before Parade:
 PR... Leave the posters and flyers on the parade everywhere permitted around Tsukuba. Quite easy, since we are non-profit.

 Tasks on the Parade day:
 Still, PR... Hand out the flyers and pamphlets to passers-by.
 Also, Keeping order for smooth traffic. etc.

 Limited cooperation or even one-day volunteers welcome.
 Please send us massage and ask for the detail.

 Committee of Tsukuba St. Patrick's Day Parade  


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