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The Parade finished

 Tsukuba St. Patrick's Day Parade 2008

  held on 26th April 2008
  organized by:
   Committee of Tsukuba St. Patrick's Day Parade 2008
  contact: ussaynakajima*
   (Please replace * for @)


 It was tough since it was the first time.
 First time is always tough, still we have done it!!!
  It had required so much efforts to advertize and gather people, and we got really down when we had heavy rain and storm on 20th March the scheduled day.
  Still we held on and re-held the Parade on 26th April 2008 with about 30 participants in peace, with kind cooperation by so many people.

 Special Thanks

・Embassy of Ireland in Japan

 For giving us a back-up and introducing our parade on the website.
 Celebration from Mr. Brendan Scannell the Ambassador, that this Tsukuba Parade should be the 10th St. Patrick's Day Parade in Japan, at the reception of Harajuku Parade in March.

・Tourism Ireland

 For cooperating with us and sending the shamrock steckers, leaflets, posters to hand out at the parade.

・Irish Network Japan (INJ)

 For giving us plentiful of useful advice, cheer up and great actual help in so many ways from so many people.
 Never could we carry it out without their support!!

・Father Michael Coleman

 For his kind cooperation of being St. Patrick at our Parade. He is a real Irish, from southern area.

・Gordon Highlanders Memorial Pipe Band

 A traditional Scottish pipe band from Tokyo. Great thanks for coming so far.

・Tsukuba Police, the relevant departments of Tsukuba local authrity, and Chuo Koen Rest House

 For their great help in many ways with our smooth carry-out.


 And here we'd like to show our thankfulness to so many places, ... halls, musiums, offices, shops, pubs, caffes, and others, for letting us leave our flyers and posters of this parade.

 Last but not least, here we'd appreciate every little help, advice, cheer up, back up, and kind cooperation in various forms from so many people up to today. Great thanks...

・Dear Participants in Tsukuba St. Patrick's Day Parade 2008

 We'd like to show great thankfulness for your joining us at the Parade.
 Your cooperation and willingness enabled us to carriy it out in a quite success in spite of a whole month's put off and the weather not perfect.

 We apologize our rudeness for giving you flags and things to carry or flyers to hand out all of a sudden, even without saying hello or asking your names, because of our being so busy. We sincerely thank you for your generosity.
 Please do not hesitate to point out our other faults or lackings.

 We hope the St. Patrick's Day Parade will be a new tradition here in Tsukuba, that people saying "Here comes the green parade, see, now it's the St. Patrick's Day season... Spring has come!"
 We hope to see you again in next year.

 Ussay Nakajima at Committee of Tsukuba St. Patrick's Day Parade 2008


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